History of Healing Rooms

John G Lake

John G Lake was born in Canada in 1870. He went to South Africa as a missionary in 1908 and his ministry is estimated to have a million converts and established over 625 churches.

In 1914, John. G. Lake was called by God to Spokane, Washington State, USA, where he brought together a team of men and women who he named “healing Technicians”. He opened a suite of rooms in the Rookery Building in downtown Spokane which eventually became known as the “Healing Room”. Within a five to six year period there were documented over 100,000 healings and Spokane was named by a federal government representative as the “healthiest city in the world”.

John G. Lake was a man of purpose, vision, strength and character, his one goal in life was to bring the fullness of God to every person. He often said that the secret of heaven's power was not in the doing, but in the being. He believed that Spirit-filled Christians should enjoy the same type of ministry Jesus did while living on earth, and that this reality could only be accomplished by seeing themselves as God saw them.

International Association Of Healing  Rooms (IAHR) -     Cal Pierce.

From Bethel Church (Pastor Bill Johnson) in Redding, California in the late 1990’s Cal Pierce and his wife Michelle were led to re-open the Healing Rooms. In July 1999 this was re-started in the same location where John Lake began his work. The Healing Rooms were staffed by a team of intercessors that Cal Pierce assembled and was preceded by a huge prayer effort by the team and supported by the local Churches. The work was immediately successful and within a short time Cal Pierce was taking two conferences a month, being booked a year in advance by other churches wanting to spread the Healing Rooms across the United States and Internationally.

Healing Rooms were opened in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, England, South Africa, Korea and other parts of the world. This led to the formation of the International Association of Healing Rooms which provides connections, tools, training and support for all other Healing Rooms although they are each an independent organisation.

There are currently over 3,000 Healing Rooms in 76 nations worldwide and in excess of 110 in the UK alone.

HREW (formerly NAHR England) - Paul and Eve Clift

In the middle of 2001 Paul Clift heard the Holy Spirit speak to him. 'Open up the wells of healing'. He didn't really understand what that meant. Someone gave Paul a print out of the home page of a Christian organisation called Healing Rooms Ministries based in Spokane.

Paul received confirmation of this word in December 2001. He then enrolled on a Healing Rooms training course in Spokane at the end of 2002. It was a time of learning but Paul did not know what was ahead because he thought he would be just opening a Healing Room in Halifax

Paul returned to Halifax at the beginning of March 2002, but there was still a lot of work to do. A training course was organised for October 2002 and many people attended. From this training course the Healing Rooms of Halifax opened at the end of January 2003 which were the first IAHR Healing Rooms in the UK.

During 2003 a lot of changes took place. Healing Rooms started to be formed around the nation and the first Healing Rooms conference was held in Halifax in November 2003.

In January 2016 the name changed from NAHR England to Healing Rooms England & Wales -  HREW.

During 2017-18 Paul & Eve Clift will be handing over responsibility for HREW to Veronica & David Mee as National Directors.  They will be taking on roles as directors for parts of Europe.

London Healing Rooms 

The London Healing Rooms were started by Tom & Betty Burke in April 2003 at the Good News Shop in Leyton. Tom & Betty had been to Spokane in 2002 to be trained in Christian Healing under Cal Pierce.

There are currently 34 people on the ministry team from many different churches and denominations all working together in unity and in cooperation with the Holy Spirit to see people healed and set free; body, mind & spirit.
We have prayed for countless people and have seen the Lord move in many ways in many lives

As a team we have been to several churches to train their members in praying for the sick.



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Helpful Teaching Materials

Cal Pierce"Preparing the Way" £7.99

Testimony of how the Healing Rooms was birthed. Makes exciting reading, the Lord wants to restore to the body of Christ resurrection power, miracles and healing.

Roger Sapp "Performing Miracles And Healing" £11.99

Essential reading for anyone who wants to understand how Jesus ministered healing.

Roger Sapp "Self Study Companion To Performing Miracles And Healing" £11.99

Self study Companion to the above - will help to seal the teaching. Buy Both Books together for £20.00

Roger Sapp "Beyond A Shadow Of A Doubt" £6.99

Doubt assails every Christian - this book addresses this issue.

John G Lake "His life sermons, his boldness of faith." £14.99

Much of the teaching and preaching of John G Lake.

Faith inspiring and building to step out, lay hands on the sick and see them healed.

John G Lake "His Complete Works" Roberts Liardon. £19.99

Wonderful book of all his writings and sermons. 1,000 pages. Very good and inspiring read.

Betty Burke"From ashes to Heaing" £5.00

Read Betty's testimony of how she went from running a tobacconist's to running a Christian book shop and the subsequent beginnings of the London Healing Rooms.

Roberts Liardon "God's Generals" £12.49

John. G. Lake, Smith Wigglesworth and others. How they moved with the Holy Spirit.

Mahesh Chavda "The Hidden Power of Prayer and Fasting" £13.49

Fasting plays such an important roll in seeking the Lord. Essential reading with lots of revelation.

John Bevere "Bait of Satan" £11.49

"Your response determines your future".

Most likely tool of the enemy to keep the church ineffective.

Joyce Meyer "Battlefield of the Mind" £9.99

A necessary study for spiritual warfare.

FF Bosworth "Christ the Healer" £9.49

One of the best books written on healing. Essential material for those seeking healing and those ministering.

Rick Joyner "The Final Quest" £9.99

Vision given to Rick Joyner. Unity in the body of Christ, streams flowing together, essential for this move of the Holy Spirit

Charles Capps "God's Creative Power for Healing" £1.79

Booklet for those seeking healing. Lots of scriptures, good for giving away too!



2019 Training Days

Our next Training/Introduction to the Healing Rooms is on:

Saturday 2nd February 2019 between 09.30 and 17.30

Saturday 7th September 2019 between 09.30 and 17.30

To register please call 020 8539 8558 or 020 8539 2906

Venue:- Good News Shop, 654 High Road Leyton London E10 6RN

Free to attend - an offering will be taken on the day



What is a Prayer Cloth

In Acts 19:11-12, it speaks of how cloths (aprons and handkerchiefs) were touched by Peter and Paul and taken back to the sick who were often cured of their ills.

It says that

"God gave Paul the power to do unusual miracles, so that even when handkerchiefs or cloths that had touched his skin were placed on sick people, they were healed of their diseases, and any evil spirits within them came out."

(The New Living Translation.)

If you would like a prayer cloth to be posted to you, Please enter 'Prayer Cloth Request' in the subject box of your email and email us at (for webmail users please copy and paste this address into your web email).

The prayer cloths are anointed with oil and prayed over by our intercessors before we post them out to you.

Please provide accurate details of why you are requesting the prayer cloth, this enables our intercessors to pray over your cloth specifically.

Please ensure you provide full postal details of where you want the prayer cloth to be sent, thank you.