Just before 1st lockdown I was diagnosed with non Hodgkin Lymphoma and was told it was treatable but not curable. Given the timing and the uncertainty of anyone being offered chemo, I left the choice to the Lord, and accepted the treatment when it was offered. I have recently had a scan following the recurrence of some concerning symptoms. The consultant showed me both the original and the recent scans. The original scan showed my spleen was almost twice it’s usual length and had 2 large tumours in it. There were also other tumours, enlarged lymph nodes throughout my body. Also some liver levels had shown a concerning spike. I asked for prayer at both my local Healing Rooms and from other groups I am connected to. The recent scan showed that my spleen is back to its correct size with no signs of tumours, the other tumours have also gone, my liver levels are back to normal for me and the consultant does not want to see me for 4 months. I hold onto the scripture that tells me I am healed by Jesus wounds - not the doctors prognosis. Thank you Jesus and all the people who prayed for me. 

The attacks on my career and life had increased even to the point of trauma to my ribs in an accident.  Not only did Healing Rooms encourage me to keep going (through the Lord), I was also miraculously healed going from almost bedridden in pain to 95% pain free! Praise Jesus.

I came to the Healing Rooms with pains on my back and legs. After prayers, my left leg, which was shorter than my right leg, grew out to be equal. I no longer limp. I walk straight! Hallelujah.

Hello, my name is M...  I am writing this testimony on behalf of a family friend called T....  She was working for my sister in America when she became very ill with high blood pressure and kidney problems.  She needed .... dialysis, but she refused to have it (she was actually fed up with her health).  The doctors insisted that she had [the dialysis] done or return to Gabon (Africa) and just have a few months to live.  I was told about the situation, so I came to the prayer room (Healing Room) and was given a prayer cloth.  I took a photo copy of it, scanned it to her and sent the cloth itself by post.  She received it, went back to Gabon, called me to thank me ..... for the paper "prayer cloth".  It's been about 2 months now, she never had the dialysis (Glory to God).  Last week she went back to hospital because of the blood pressure.  I am believing God for a complete healing because He is faithful.  I am also praying for her salvation.  Thank you and God bless.  

I had experienced a lot of conflict and tension with my brother.  Since having healing prayer at the Healing Rooms with the Almighty God two weeks ago my relationship with my brother is much more calm and trouble free.  We now get on well.  Thank you dear God.

I came for healing prayer yesterday for a viral sore throat infection, that  I had been suffering from for the past three weeks.  The two who ministered to me prayed for me and the Lord Jesus healed me.  I was coughing no more and my throat felt better.  At last I could breathe.

I came this evening in knots, not trusting to share, didn't want to write the [reason why I had come] on the sheet.  I guess I was ashamed; that I was consumed by anxiety and fear.  I went into a cabin [healing room], stood in the corner, didn't feel I deserved to be there.  The gentleman ministered to me, he saw my fear and depression and "empty tank".  With my eyes looking down and closed, I admitted where I was at.  The lady prayed over someone in my life controlling me.  She led me to renounce the spirit of fear, control and anxiety.  I prayed word-for-word after her; the words control and fear getting stuck, but she was so patient and there was breakthrough.  I came out feeling light, "un-knotted".  I can no longer feel anxiety and fear and if it comes again I know how to deal with it in the Name of Jesus.  Thank you.

I came to the Healing Rooms with pains on my back and legs. After prayers, my left leg, which was shorter than my right leg, grew out to be equal. I no longer limp. I walk straight! Hallellujah.

Even though I had come to healing rooms needing prayer for something else - one of the ladies standing behind me noticed that my posture was unbalanced as my right shoulder was lower than my left. They continued to pray for it and my hip, shoulder, vertebra started to straighten up. I felt it ever so gently and I could breath properly as my chest lifted up. I thank you Lord for these Prayer Warriors and the Prayer Team here. I thank you Lord that there is such a place as the Healing Rooms where we can come to when we feel alone. Thank you.

I attended a healing session recently for painful osteoarthritis in my knees and ankles.  These symptoms have now gone.  The healing was not immediate but over weeks.  Jesus Christ is my Healer and my hope.

I just want to thank God for healing me from insomnia. I was prayed for by the team and now my sleep has been restored. Also I was finding it difficult getting articles for my dissertation and your team prayed, and the word they gave me came to pass,  I passed my degree with a good grade. Thank you very much for your prayers and your time.

I came to the Healing Rooms whilst living in a Women's refuge with my two kids for over 15 months. We are now living in private accommodation. After prayer the team told me to come back with a testimony. I am here today to let you know that prayers are truly answered in the Healing rooms. Thank you all.

I want to thank the volunteers at the healing rooms for their encouragement, support and of course prayers. The words were always timely and God used those to encourage me through difficult and low times. Thank you for all you do and may the Lord continue to bless your ministry.

I was feeling ill at ease over a situation which had taken place where I had unforgiveness towards those concerned. It was my first time attending so I did not know what to expect. I came away feeling very peaceful and calm and have something to work on for future living. The team were very kind and connected to the heart of God to enable me to receive the touch from God that I needed. Thank you so much. What a liberating experience.

Praise the Lord!!!! A quick note to say thank you very much for your powerful prayer. K..is doing so well and is now out of hospital. Turns out his back is not fractured, instead it’s just badly bruised; the doctor said that the X-ray was inaccurate! God is Good, All the Time.

Some time ago I visited the Good News Bookshop to attend Healing Rooms for prayers and presented my request before the Lord. I asked for prayer on behalf of my daughter regarding her graduation; that the Lord should kindly intervene on her behalf as it appeared that the enemy was trying to frustrate and abort her efforts to excel in life. Well the good news is that the Lord did answer our prayers and it was quick. It made me realise that when we ask the Lord for anything in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, He will do it according to His Word… Amen. She received her certificate and we began to rejoice and praise the Lord. With this breakthrough, it has strengthened my daughter’s faith in the Lord and encouraged her to trust Him more for greater things to come.

Thank you Lord for your faithfulness. After a year and 4 months, the Lord blessed me with a teaching job. I was lost, confused and upset with life, how it had dealt with me and had almost given up, until I visited the Healing Rooms. The men and women who gave up their time to pray with me and share the Word of God encouraged me to begin to trust God again. I couldn’t have continued with life without the Healing Rooms. God bless you all and thank you.

I humbly confirm that I was instantaneously relieved of excruciating low back-pain due to a degenerative vertebra disc problem. Healing was due to your sincere and faith based prayers. I still need continual intercessory prayers from the Healing Rooms. Please don’t hide my identity as God is using London Healing Rooms and its members to help and reconstruct lives and destinies of people all over.

Thank you for your prayers for me and my health back in July. I was ill for about three weeks with a breathing problem, but now I am very well. Praise the Lord! Thank you for your prayers in Jesus name

To God be the Glory!! I would like to share my testimony with the Healing Rooms. After 3 years of actively seeking employment, I have been blessed with a job. The journey during this time has been challenging emotionally and one of emotional healing. In 2012 amidst looking for permanent employment my father was taken ill and died unexpectedly, but I have now come to the realisation that God is in control and He has a plan and purpose for my life. I thank God for hiding me under His banner, saving me and I pray that He will be with me all the days of my life.

My niece, who is five years old, was diagnosed with a cancerous tumour in her neck and stomach. She was sent a prayer cloth by the Healing Rooms and has been healed. Praise God.

Praise the Lord. He has healed a scab/cancer on the side of my face and also healed arthritis behind my knees. Thank you ever so much for your prayers.

I came here two months ago to ask for healing from the Lord because I had a broken arm. Last week I had my last doctor’s appointment. When he saw the X-ray, he was shocked because he thought that my arm would never get better. He was surprised that I was healed with no aching and have 100% movement in my arm. Thank you Lord.

I just want to thank you for prayer yesterday. It was wonderful to be able to come freely and be prayed for. I was blessed and now the healing process can begin for me. So thank you and God bless you.

I went to the Healing Rooms for my womb and ankles, since I have had chronic problems with both causing major disruption to my life every month with my menstrual cycle and intermittent difficulty walking because of pain, swelling and stiffness in my ankles. My blood loss, pain and physical exhaustion from my menstrual cycle were extreme, so much so that days off work sick were the norm and diary planning for work and personal life was done around my cycle. After more than 10 years of this and various unsuccessful attempts to address it through strong prescription, contraception and supplements, I am now healed. As I write this I have had two lighter, shorter periods without extreme blood loss, pain or exhaustion. The most I have felt is a dull ache for a day or two, which doesn’t even need pain killers. My ankles are also much better! The weekend after I visited the Healing Rooms was physically demanding and would normally have resulted in me not being able to walk by Monday. However, my ankles were fine! My ankles would also always be stiff in the morning. So, at first I had to keep reminding myself that I could get out of bed normally because my ankles were healed! I am so grateful for this humble, genuine, life changing ministry. Thank you everyone at the Healing Rooms. God bless you and your ministry.

Thanks to the Healing Rooms team for ministering to me so faithfully yesterday morning – it was such a blessed time and I know the Lord will continue His work in me. May he bless those two ladies in Christ and the whole ministry at the Good News Shop and Healing Rooms.

Thank you to the prayer team for praying for our grand-daughter. She had lots of issues at school as the other children were not letting her join in their games, being mean to her and excluding her from everything. She was very sad and lonely. Since prayers she has become Miss Popular! They are now all squabbling with each other to play with her first. Amen.

A huge thank you to the prayer team who prayed for my finances to increase. I was struggling hand to mouth to pay the bills and feed my daughter and myself. God blessed me after your prayers and I have had enough food, paid this month’s bills and have money left over before my next salary is due. My ex-partner (my daughter’s father) paid towards her upkeep for the first time in 8 months. Thank you & God bless.

I attended the Healing Rooms for the first time and was really blessed. I received a prophetic word and scriptures that really blessed me. I feel faith arising and my strength returning for the battle ahead. Thank you to the wonderful team in the rooms for their wonderful work.

I had an operation on my right knee to remove two pieces of loose bone. I was still in pain some weeks after the operation. The team prayed for me and my knee is 90% better and the orthopaedic doctor has now discharged me from hospital.

The team prayed for me. I asked for clarity of mind, as the past two months were very challenging at work. They prayed for peace, which pierced my heart and asked for burdens to be lifted off. I felt at ease afterwards and slept peacefully that night – for the first time in about 2 or 3 weeks. Thanks so much that you run your ministry – I’ll surely spread the word!

I would like to say thank you and the staff of the Healing Rooms, thank God for working through them. I will come back. I feel more at peace. Also a customer recommended the CD, My Fathers Love which I have been absorbing. I have passed on to friends & family about the Healing Rooms.

I want to thank God for you all and for your lives. He will definitely reward you for the works you do in his vineyard (Heb 10:16). I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The news tore me into pieces. All my plans for the year was kept aside as I began to fight for my life. I called upon so many men of God both in UK an back home to agree with me in prayer. I prayed without ceasing both day and night. In my church so many pastors were called together to take my case up in prayers. A sister in the Lord told me about Healing Rooms, and I came to agree with you in prayer 3 times. I want to let you know that the God that we serve answers us. I continued to go for chemotherapy in hospital and at a point I was asked to do a check. The mammogram, CT and MRI scans all returned a shocking result to the oncologists and my consultant. There was no longer any trace of cancer on my breast or any other part of my body. As I write, I have just come back from my meeting with my consultant where he decided that I will no longer need a mastectomy, even ordinary surgery, I won’t need again. I am totally healed and in meeting with my consultant and the oncologist they declared my case is a rare one. They were very happy. They advised me to have radiotherapy just to complete the treatment. Praise God with me!

Thanks again for praying for me last Monday. When I left I could not feel any improvement. However, on the Tuesday I listened to the CD whilst spinning in the gym. The passage about honouring and praying for my leaders really spoke to me. I realised how critical I was towards my leaders and also spoke negatively to others about them. I felt sorry and asked the Lord for forgiveness there and then, breathless, sweaty and tearful (thank God for load music in the gyms. Also started praying blessings for my current and past leaders. One week later my knees are not entirely new but surely at a great “recycled level”. I didn’t want to wait to tell you about this great improvement. So let me say a big fat THANK YOU to God, who deals with me in this manner and to you, lovely people, who helped me on my journey.

I have just read all those amazing testimonies…. how awesome. Yesterday proved to me that Jesus has healed me too. Several years ago I was diagnosed with IBS in that if I didn’t eat regularly I would suffer extremely painful bloating and many trips to the bathroom! I felt Father said I should change my diet and I have been able to control the symptoms by being careful with what I ate. Despite that, Mondays and Tuesdays could be difficult when I missed lunch despite believing and declaring every way I could think of. After the conference I dealt with some traumas and shocks especially in my abdominal area – including childbirth, miscarriage, hysterectomy – and commanded everything to start behaving itself and be at peace!!!! Yesterday I went up to Westminster to join the group standing outside Parliament to worship and pray about a bill and decided to fast breakfast and lunch not giving the IBS a second thought. I was fine, no symptoms but didn’t realise until I got home. Praise God, what a relief!!!! He works in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform!!!! I am waiting for confirmation from the GP that my blood pressure is normal now so I can begin to come off the medication.

My 13 year old daughter has been diagnosed with Scoliosis and had a very severe curvature in her lower spine. The area Lumber 1 to Lumber 4 were very curved and this would in later life have a huge impact in childbirth and labour and the surgeon was very aware of the risk in fusing her spine over this area. I brought her with my wife to the Healing Rooms as I am a great believer of God’s miraculous power of healing in impossible situations. As my daughter was prayed for in the presence of my wife - to quote them

“As I was prayed for healing in the name of Jesus Christ my right leg shot forward into line with my left leg, mums face went white with shock."“As my daughter was prayed for I saw her leg lurch forward, I saw it and couldn’t believe it.” On 5th March my daughter went in for surgery and the Surgeon said that after pre operation X-rays he was “surprised” to say that she no longer needed lower spine surgery to his medical confusion. Praise God

Thank you all so much for your prayers and support. The gallstones we have been praying about vanished to the doctor’s surprise. All glory to God.

When I came to the Healing rooms I was really out of it, but after having prayer I felt like a lot of the “fog” had cleared up. I am able to construct thoughts and concepts much better than I have in months. My memory is clearer – I can multi task better – read quicker and the headache has gone. This is the best I have felt in months and maybe since the whole thing started. It is amazing what God has done.

I felt a real sense of God’s presence. Real power was in the room. I believe the Holy Spirit was with us today.

My visits to the Healing Rooms are always encouraging and supportive. It has proved to be a great way in which God can speak to me through the team.

My blood test for prostate monitoring (normal 4/5) was recording 160! My doctor believed this indicated an outbreak of cancer probably around my body and permeating into my bones. I received several words from the Lord and others about “healing”. The Healing Rooms was a significant source of living prayer at this time amongst others. Rigorous bone and body scans came back from the hospital showing nothing at all. Prostate monitoring fell from 192 to 1.5 – complete healing Hallelujah.

I had a stomach gastritis diagnosed 15 years ago which gave me much discomfort and pain. I was prayed for at the Healing Rooms. I did a gastro copy and the doctor confirmed the gastritis disappeared. Praise the Lord

I brought my son to the healing rooms because he had a bad rash on his body and would scratch until he bled. During prayer my son said he felt something and it made him shiver. James is now completely healed. I thank God foremost and I also thank everyone at the Healing Rooms.

I came for prayer as I had Tinnitus for 6 years without a break. Following my prayer at the Healing Rooms I noticed something different the very next day. My tinnitus had gone completely - first time I have had peace in 6 years.

I found a lump in my breast, it was the second time that this had happened; I had a benign lump removed in 2000 but this lump was different. I went to the Breast Clinic and was told it was “highly suspicious” and I needed to have a core biopsy. I was extremely worried and convinced that I had breast cancer. I decided to visit the healing rooms. Whilst waiting I shared with one of the team and she prayed for me straight away.

I went upstairs to have further prayer and ministry. After I felt much more peaceful however something still was not right. The following day I spent time asking the Lord what was going on. He brought back to my mind something that had happened in the past. I was able to rebuke the negative words spoken over me and I forgave the person who said them.

A few days later I could no longer feel the lump. I went back to have the core biopsy and when I had the results everything was fine and no further treatment was needed. I explained that I had received prayer for healing and I believed that the Lord had healed my disease. Thank you Jesus for my healing. My thanks are also due to the healing room team for their faithful and sensitive ministry performed through our amazing Lord.

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Just a few words to say thank you for the healing and prayer. I have received many blessings in the past weeks. Things I prayed for over the last 25 years , things that took place in my life, now I can say I live to see it all and I know my Lord loves me. I will always live my life for him. Thank you all and God bless you.

I struggled a lot in my life and felt no peace, bitterness. I just had thyroid surgery and problems with my liver. I came to the healing rooms for the first time, whilst waiting for my turn I felt the power of the Holy Spirit, it was so powerful. I had a warm feeling on the left side of my chest where I had pain it went through to my back. With prayer and the Word it was not long before I felt peace in my heart and my burden was gone. I was freed and healed. Thank you Lord Jesus for the grace of healing I received from you. Thank you for the healing room prayer team. God Bless.

I visited the rooms and had prayer. The Lord Jesus set me free. Even during the prayer I could feel the difference. God bless you all in Jesus name Amen.

My chest was so tight that I was finding it very difficult to breath. I was prayed for and it was amazing I was able to breath freely. I give thanks to God for my healing I give Him all the Glory. Thanks to the people that prayed for me.

In 2009 I went to Moorfields eye hospital and was diagnosed with Uveitis – the back of my eye was swollen. I was given medication to suppress the swollenness. I never gave up coming for prayer and by the help of the Almighty God I have now been discharged from the hospital and am not on any medication. I am healed in Jesus’ name. Amen

I would like to glorify the name of the Lord. I came to the healing rooms with a very large cyst on my chest cavity, believing the Lord to heal me. By Monday it had burst, and so I didn’t need surgery as planned.

My fears and worries have gone and I feel better in my body. Many thanks.

Praise God, I am happy to say that it has been a great experience visiting the Healing Rooms. I have learned to forgive. God is great and he does wonderful things, Praise Him.

The Healing Rooms are fantastic. I came out of the rooms feeling as If God had been with me. There are more things in heaven than on earth.

The first time I visited the Healing Rooms I had an incredible experience and I felt emotionally more at peace. I visited a week later and was anointed and I have found that since that time I have been able to really read God’s word and I have such a fresher and deeper understanding. Praise God

For all of my life I have struggled with being born illegitimate and all of my life I have suppressed this issue, not knowing how to deal with it. I feel different now, I feel I am okay with it. It is not a stigma any more.

It is now over 6 months since the wonderful encounter that my husband and I had with the Holy Spirit through your ministry to us. I have experienced his presence and promptings so many times since, which has been exciting and affirming of the various messages we, received through you.

His bladder/prostate operation has been completely successful and he is very nearly back to normal. We expect his/our consultant to sign us both off in June. My bladder problem has gone, which amazed him!

God has blessed us so much.

About five or six weeks ago I took my son who is twelve to the GP with back pain. The GP looked at his back and diagnosed scoliosis or curvature of the spine. She said it was quite severe and she referred him to a physiotherapist. We were all quite worried and on the following Saturday when his sister went to the healing rooms she asked for prayer for him. The teenagers and leaders prayed for him and sent a prayer cloth home.

He took the prayer cloth to bed and over the next couple of days the pain really eased. We really didn’t think any more about it until Monday this week when after reading something on the internet. I looked at his back again. I discovered the upper curve is gone totally and the lower big curve in the spine is, I would say, 95% gone. (Why didn’t I look earlier? I have so little faith!) If there had ever been anything wrong with this spine you would never notice a problem. We praise the Lord for his healing.

I came for prayers for my sons healing, my pain in my left thigh and right shoulder. Pain is gone/healed. Thank You Jesus

I have suffered with my knees and legs since Jan 2010. I had one injection the pain became worst, I have to walk with a stick. My friend told me about the Healing Rooms and I came for prayer. During the ministry I felt a cold breeze on my back going down to my legs, then I felt strength coming back, I jumped with joy, I received my healing. Since that day I have had no pain in my legs, no stiffness and I don’t have to walk with my stick. Thank the Lord for healing me.

I have been coming for healing/prayer for some weeks. I came to Christ just over a year ago and my first year was extremely tough. Since coming here things have truly started shifting in my life. I was so lost and stuck can’t describe. For the first time in my life I feel like an acceptable human being. Having come from an occult background, having occult healing I would always lose my balance and fall over, but with these people my feet are always firmly on the ground.

Thank you Jesus and the London Healing Rooms.

Yes, I have been blessed with the healing of my knees which I have suffered with for many years. The chains which held them bound were broken thank God and my knees were set free. I believe that I am 95% healed the next 5% depends on what I say when the pains attack me, I am dealing with it according to the word to speak to the mountain and command it to go into the sea as said by our Lord Jesus. I am healed and intend to stay healed in Jesus name.

Last time I visited the healing rooms by the end of the day my shoulder was completely healed. I could hardly change gear on the way up, so fantastic. I have been set free of many things on my visits to the Healing Rooms. Thank you so much

To God be the glory.

I visited the Healing Rooms with a very painful and crooked right shoulder and God healed me. I can now move my shoulder with ease. God is at work.

Long live the Healing Rooms in Jesus name. Amen.

My son whose learning disability was prayed for is improving significantly and improving at a speed that can only be called a miracle. Week by week his reading and writing is getting better and his communication skills.

I visited the Healing Rooms on the 26th August this year to receive prayers for all areas of my life, especially my spiritual life which I have been struggling with for some time now. I can confess that I felt the touch of the Lord in my life. I went home feeling light as if a heavy load was taken off my shoulders. My life has never been the same, and I can’t stop singing and praising the Lord. I thank the Lord for using the prayer team to bless my life. I pray the Lord would strengthen them, and continue to use them to bless others.

I want to thank the Healing Rooms prayer team for their very helpful ministry. Immediately after this I experienced a significant spiritual breakthrough. It was as if I had been ‘born again’ – I was filled with joy every day and God’s voice became very real and personal to me through his word and the prompting of the Holy Spirit. I felt led to repent of my wrong attitudes in relationships and to forgive others which in turn opened me up to receive more of God’s love. Thank you so much.

My six year old son was prayed for at the Healing Rooms for his ears ‘to work properly’. They rebuked the deaf and dumb spirit and prayed for healing. On leaving the room he could not hear clearly.

However, as we walked outside the Healing Rooms my son immediately said that he could hear us talking even with the background noise (traffic), speech was usually muffled with background noise, and he would talk loudly. Now he can hear speech clearly at a normal volume and he speaks much quieter.

I brought Mark to the Healing Rooms to pray for his knee which was going to need a full knee replacement. His spirits lifted immediately and he was calm and cheerful when the operation was imminent. Afterwards he was warned the pain would be severe and to have morphine at the ready.

Miraculously he felt none and in the 10 days since had nothing more than paracetamol after he did the exercises. The surgeon and staff were amazed, and so were the friends who’ve had this operation. I have told them we came to the Healing Rooms for prayer beforehand. We are grateful to you and your wonderful team.

I returned to Newcastle upon Tyne after my time at the Healing Rooms. I prayed the given prayers and went to Newcastle for a week. I want to thank everyone who prayed for me. To recap, one member of the prayer team saw a bottle with a cork in it, or cap. This was a root of bitterness that had remained. I had made it hard for God to bless me because I had not forgiven those who had hurt me in the past. This had affected all my decisions.

After returning to Newcastle, I enjoyed my time for the first time in 30 years in the city where I was born. I have forgiven all those who had sinned against me. God can now freely bless me.

I came last week and I was really blessed. I run an orphanage in India, and I always feel under pressure and always feel pain in my neck and back of my head. But after prayer last week the pain clamed down and I feel good, as if somebody has taken all my burdens from my shoulders. I just want to say thanks for the wonderful healing and I also want to give thanks for my sisters and bothers whom the Lord is using for this wonderful ministry. God bless you.

On my last visit to the Healing Rooms (end of March/April) I was told I would be a ‘spiritual mother’. I prayed about this. Not surprisingly a few weeks later a lovely young German girl came to our church. She is here for a year. We have become very friendly and I help and encourage her and have opened up my home to her. She is a real blessing to me. She calls me “mummy”. Praise the Lord.

I came to the Healing Rooms in crisis! I had a swollen stomach which was very painful and nauseous! After 20-30 minutes with them praying for me I went back to work. I was able to work pain free and with no nausea. Thank you Jesus and thank you healing rooms!!

God completely healed my asthma and I no longer have to take medicine. Praise God for all the joy this has given me and all those who have prayed for me.

I came to the Healing Rooms for the first time in July 2009. Coming to the Healing rooms has been just amazing. God has used this place to bring me to further freedom. I sense the presence of God more. The relationship with my parents has never been so good. I haven’t struggled with pornography or other sexual addictions since coming here. Although I know that I still have hurts from my past, I know that God loves me and He is for me. I want to say a massive thank you to all the people who have prayed for me since I have started coming here. I thank God that He used you to bless me and reveal Himself to me and to heal me.

I came requesting prayer for stress, forgetting to put down direction. The team allowed the Lord to minister to me wonderfully. My fear is gone and I have begun to respond to the pictures given.

Richly blessed by the care, compassion and beautiful words given by the Lord! Thank you so much.

I asked for general prayers plus prayer for finances. The 3 ladies who prayed told me what the Lord was saying to them, multiplicity of gifts, hospitality, playing an instrument, praising God all the time. These were confirmations of what God told me. It was very refreshing and their prayers brought a new freedom in my life. The third lady said ‘Do you pay tithes and offerings and do you pray over them and truthfully I said ‘yes’. Within one week the lord asked me to pay all offerings and tithes – up to date – I am self employed and could pay annually, quarterly or monthly. I paid up and immediately I received 3 financial favours. Thank you for taking time and effort.

1st March – in my ‘God Journal’, I’ve written ‘the day I decided to really go for it”! The team of lovely, caring Christians prayed for my greater intimacy with God. God revealed so much of Himself and His purposes for me in that time, I hoped I would remember it all when I got home to write it down. I was, and still am so filled with the Holy Spirit and God’s joy to overflowing measure. I arrived at the Healing Rooms with expectancy that God would reveal Himself to me in a special way, but as usual God gives so much more than what we ask. It’s so exciting what God is doing in me and with me. Thank you for your prayer and channels of God’s special blessing upon me last Monday. God bless you too!

Just a few lines to say thanks so much for the blessing I received a few weeks ago at the Healing Rooms. All of the people that prayed for me were extremely dedicated as they fervently sought God for my healing. I left there feeling as if I had undergone major surgery. I felt very cared for. Thank you. I slept very well that night for the first time in ages and felt an incredible peace the next day. I haven’t felt quite the same since then. A lot of stress and anger has subsided, and I feel well equipped to handle certain situations in my life. I definitely plan to come back again if possible in the near future.

God bless you all even more richly in Jesus.

Thank you Jesus and all in the healing rooms who prayed with me and for me. The pain in my legs was commanded to leave and never return. It did, then it came back and I rebuked it and stood on the prayer and I believe it will not come back. A brother prayed for something to leave me and for the Peace of Christ to fill me and I have found a great difference in my life spiritually and physically too.

Hi there, just wanted to say thank you so much for praying for me on Wednesday. It was such a beautiful and special time where I realised for the first time just how much God loved me. I had gone expecting God to convict me of things and found instead His mercy, grace and goodness. I recently bought a lovely book called ‘He Loves Me’ by Wayne Jacobsen which I’ve now started reading, and it makes so much sense. I feel that I am starting again in my relationship with God and I can walk beside Him without being afraid but being sure of His love for me!

I have experienced a certain degree of joy since I have been attending the healing rooms. The good thing is even when I am not able to attend I know that I’ve been prayed for: Thank you.

I came for prayer, walking on crutches after sustaining a fall which resulted in surgery. Despite the surgery I continued in excruciating pain until I came to the healing rooms for ministry. The spirit/demon responsible for my pain was rebuked and as a consequence I have walked in freedom from back pain/spinal damage, depression, worry and anxiety. To God be the glory! Thank you Lord for the healing rooms.

I would like to thank God and also pray that God would bless the people in healing rooms. I can now speak in tongues. In my flat I sleep in peace. I have a better relationship with God. Thank God for the Good News Shop and all the books and Dvds. God bless you all.

Since my visit on 18 November 2009, I have slept a bit better and think this is because I feel more peaceful generally. I have felt a bit of a spiritual attack since release of soul ties, but have been able to “stand”. Praise The Lord.

I came to the Healing Rooms for the first time last week, very aware that there were a few blockages in my life. Since then, over the last week, there has been one major breakthrough already. I’ve felt God’s presence and received pictures for both my own life and the church again. Also, my faith is a bit stronger. Praise The Lord.

I have suffered with migraine for 30 years and seen many doctors and specialists, who told me I would NEVER find the cause; that I was to settle for finding a way to manage it/live with it. Today God revealed the source of the illness and now I feel so LIBERATED just to know finally why I have suffered with this for so long. I have finally spoken the words (of the source) out loud; the enemy has lost and, through Christ, I have won!

I am feeling better, i.e. leg and throat and general well-being.

Thanks very much for your prayers last week. They are much appreciated. I have had a breakthrough since then and my depression has lifted. Please convey my thanks to those that prayed for me. You are doing a great job. God bless you.

I have been greatly blessed by the support and encouragement of the brethren.

I would like you to know how my life has changed since I began attending your sessions. I’ve become much more successful in life. I am now working regularly, and have experienced physical healing. I can now call myself “blessed”.

Thank you for your deep intercession and prayer, The Lord really cleansed my stomach; it feels clean and not as sickly as it was. I can now pray, praise and thank God without condemnation. Praise be to God for his precious gift Jesus Christ.

I came to the healing rooms in June as I was having the same bad dream for about a year. When the team prayed for me God revealed the cause of my dream. I repented sincerely before God. Since that day I have never had the dream again. I thank God because He is faithful and all those who prayed for me, may God bless you abundantly.

I requested a prayer cloth for pain I was experiencing that kept me awake at night. After receiving the prayer cloth I immediately started to put it on the area of pain and kept it there daily for about 9 days till the pain went. So I want to give thanks and praise to God the healer for healing me. God is faithful.

I was recommended by my friend after I had explained that I was feeling very distressed and depressed about my son's behaviour and personality which had changed in a negative way. Since attending the Healing Rooms I have grown stronger emotionally and spiritually and I feel blessed to have found people who are filled with the Holy Spirit. I know that God will change my son in His time. I will continue to visit the rooms. Thank you and Gods blessings.

A friend told me about her experience at the prayer rooms and invited me to come with her. The atmosphere was so warm and welcoming. As I was being ministered to one of the team told me God wanted to heal me, especially in my womb. I knew what it meant because I had spent the past years living my life recklessly. They prayed for me and I went home. Weeks later I noticed that the excruitiating pain I normally felt in my lower abdomen had disappeared. Praise the Lord God almighty I am healed.

I was ministered to on 10th June. I had a pain in my arm and I am now healed. Praise the Lord.

I came for prayer for high blood pressure it was 155/105. Later in the week my blood pressure was tested and it was 135/92.

Thank you for praying for my son he is doing very well - much calmer.

I thank the Lord that I was advised to visit the healing rooms. I needed healing for Arthritis and for a closer walk with God. I had laying on of hands and felt the presence of the Holy spirit. I left feeling like a new person. I feel that I had both physical and spiritual healing. I feel peace.

A few weeks ago I came to the healing rooms for prayer, after undergoing surgery to remove some cancer. I was really blessed by the peace I felt as I was being prayed for. Many have been praying for me and now yourselves. A recent CT scan revealed that I am now cancer –free PRAISE THE LORD.

I have been suffering demonic attacks and I came for prayer for peace. You gave me some prayers which I pray out every day. I am feeling so much more peaceful. Thank you so much for accepting and loving me.

I came here bound up and confused. After one session I walked out strong and able to deal with things as I know I should. It was the power of prayer with people who know their God, believe the word of God and put it into practice.

My sister’s baby daughter was taken out of the UK by her father, there was a court order out on my niece not allowing her to leave Turkey. I came to the healing rooms for prayer for them. She is now home in England and through this trouble my mum has given her life to Christ. Thank you so much for your prayers.

I came to the rooms for prayer because I was physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted. I am a hard worker but despite this I found myself in a position where I was constantly having to prove myself. During ministry the intercessors passed on a note which said I was “not to look to the right or left”. Also that there was two things/or road blocks and they had already been defeated. From that moment I trusted God to work on my behalf. Later on I now know that the road blocks were my co-worker who had been bullying me and others – she has now taken demotion and her friend – my line manager – has left the organisation. I have since been promoted with a big increase in salary – Promotion comes from the Lord. Thank you for your encouragement and time and your ability to listen to God.

I went to the healing rooms for prayer. I felt the presence of God. Whatever I do I always put God first. My testimony is that one of my children came back to me and I know the other two will be back. Thank you Father for listening to my cry.

When I began coming to the Healing Rooms I was a very depressed single mother with another baby on the way. I felt there was no hope for the future. The prayer team told me how much Jesus loved me and that I was precious to Him. I was very surprised as I had been living a back-slidden life style. Each time I came I was given scriptures and very precise words over my life. Eventually I started to change my life and to live the way Jesus wanted me to. I was set free from many strongholds. Then doors began to open for me. I started university, had financial breakthroughs and peace of mind. My Pastor saw the changes in my life and now after sometime I am going back to ministry (singing for Jesus).

Many thanks to God for a miracle. I asked for a prayer cloth for a young man who was destined to go to prison for joy-riding and almost killing his friend.We prayed that God would change his life. Praise God he didn’t go to prison he now goes to church and is very interested in God’s power to change lives. Praise God for turning his life around.

I was hugely blessed here at the healing rooms as I had been feeling uncomfortable for quite a while and couldn’t put my finger on what it was. When your people listened to the Holy Spirit so many things were exposed and I was set free in Jesus name. Thank you so much.

My back has been healed whilst I was having prayer. As I came out to go down stairs I realised I could run down the stairs. Praise God.

After having prayer my mind feels clear. I was luke-warm for the Lord, now I will be led to look and read a scripture that will make sense to how I am thinking and feeling and will put my mind and heart at ease. I feel free and strengthened, something I never felt before. I thank the Lord and the team.

I had been having pain my ears during flying so I asked for prayer for a pain free flight that I was taking in 2 days time. Thanks to God I had two pain free flights.

I came for prayer about a project that I was working on and it was under proposal for closure. I then got a redundancy letter, and had to re-apply for the part-time post. Praise God I got the job and the salary is slightly better than what I was getting. Thank you for your prayers.

A prayer cloth was requested for a man in intensive care on a life support machine. The hospital had given him only 48hrs before switching of the machine. The cloth was taken in to the man. Within 2 weeks he was home.

I received a healing in my body at the Healing Rooms. I had continuous pain down the left side of my chest and lung for years, I am totally healed.

When I came for prayer, my jaw had been painful on and of for a few months, whilst biting down. More recently it had become very painful, to the point where I couldn't sleep properly and became a slow process. The doctor diagnosed TMJ inflammation and told me to take it easy and not to open my jaw too wide as it was clicking when I did that - there was nothing more that he could do.After I was prayed for, I didn't notice any difference, but I decided that I had received my healing, and just kept thanking God for it. After a few days I realised that I had forgotten about the pain completely and that there was no pain whatever I did, and no matter how wide I opened my jaw. Since that time (about 4 months) it has been absolutely fine.

I was suffering from constant pain in my lower back, it had been occurring for some time. It was a blessing to have a friend recommend me to the Healing Rooms. It had been my first time to have experienced a prayer session, it was amazing - the power of the Lord when hands were laid upon me, I felt the power of the Holy Spirit taking the pain away. It has been five weeks since I have been prayed for, the pain ceased completely and I am delighted to be able to carry out my day to day activities without fear of being in agony. Thanks to the Lord Jesus.

Another lady's testimony, is that after coming here regularly for six weeks, she feels that she is getting more and more freedom from her past, and is able to move on from this and deepen her relationship with the Lord.

I went to the healing rooms a couple of weeks ago and was prayed for regarding a hospital appointment I was having to attend to check me for abnormal cells.I went today and the hospital found nothing. Thank you Lord for my healing.

Two weeks ago I had prayer for my younger brother who plays football and was scheduled for an operation on his knee. I called him the day after and two things had happened. He gave his life to the Lord and a few days after went to see his surgeon who told him that there was no need of an operation on his knee. Praise God.

On going to the healing rooms today my left had was healed of terrible pain in my fingers. Now I can bend my fingers without any pain. Thank the Lord.

When I came to the Healing rooms I was inspired by the Holy Spirit and moved by the prayers of the team. When I was about to leave the Holy spirit said to me “where is your offering” I obeyed and left. I never knew the danger ahead as I left. A man standing near the traffic lights snatched a lady’s bag she was walking just behind me, praise the Lord for His protection. Thanks be to God almighty for directing me to the healing rooms.

Thank you so much for expending you time to pray and minister to me I was so blessed as you spoke and prayed over me scripture, dreams and wishes that I had sought the Lord for years. I had began to thing it was all a dream but when 4 of you separately prayed those things over me and when others spoke the scripture I had asked of the Lord years ago it was too amazing to take in. I have been twice to the rooms for prayer for aches and pains in my body. On each occasion the prayer went somewhere else. Well without asking most of the pain vanished and I had a wonderful nights sleep.

I want to thank you all for your prayers The moment I left you I noticed the beauty around me. I was able to sleep at night something I had been struggling with for 2 years, and my problem no longer played on my mind. I am much more able to cope because I am no longer dwelling on my problem and am not crying all he time. Thank you all again.

I am giving a testimony on behalf of my sister who received her healing from cancer. I used to come to the Healing rooms every week to pray for her when she was diagnosed and to the glory of God she is healed and completely free. I believe that God answers prayers, all we have to do is to ask and I am living proof. There is nothing too difficult for Him and with Him all things are possible. All the doctors in South Africa where she was receiving treatment were completely amazed by her recovery. She has gone for several other check-ups and no tumor is found. PRAISE GOD.

I found your healing prayers helpful and I have taken everything into account. Healing does work. Thank you for your sincerity.

Thank you for your prayers. I am here today because after only one visit I feel that I can be helped both physically and mentally.

I recently came to the Healing rooms as I had arthritis in my neck. I am thrilled to be ble to tell you that the pain in my neck has gone - thank God for his touch.

I thank God for the ministry I received here in the Healing Rooms the weeks before having surgery for bowel cancer. The times I spent here were very precious and helped me to stay positive and strong. There were many words and thoughts which were given to me through various people by the Lord. It is about eight months since my operation, and I have made a great recovery. Whatever I am now it is because God poured out such kindness and grace upon me. 1 Cor. 15V10

I came to the Healing Rooms because I felt sad and heavy at times and unable to enjoy life to it fullest and pray with ease, it always felt heavy and empty even though I believed in the prayers and praise I gave. Since having prayer I have been so happy, full of energy (I used to be tired all the time) free to worship God with a real joy in my heart. Free to enjoy my life and live in hope for my future. I an able to trust Jesus freely in all things. Thank you Jesus.

I was diagnosed with cancer over 11 years ago. In Dec 2005 I had a body scan and was told that there were 3 tiny nodules in my left lung and many lesions throughout the vertebral bodies and pelvis.

I have been going to the Healing Rooms for nearly a year and I am very pleased with the result I have today. God is good to me and has answered my prayer. The last report I had was really good and my consultant is very impressed. He told me the body scan showed no evidence of bony metastases.

I feel very well in myself and praise God daily. Thank you Jesus, for you are the same yesterday today and forevermore, you are the greatest healer.A big thank you to the Healing room staff for their patience and love.

I received the prayer cloth and things have been so much better since then. I found out that the problems I had been having was IBS. And that there is no real treatment. This felt like a life sentence and I was so scared. I got the prayer cloth and kept the faith and have lots of people praying for me. Since then I haven’t been having the problems with my tummy that I have had to put up with for a very long time. God Bless.

I came to the Healing Rooms and the team felt they should ‘wash my feet’. After that I have been able to sleep very well, am more focused and relaxed. I just wanted to praise God for His goodness and His benefit upon me.

A friend brought me to the Healing Rooms as I was having a lot of pain in my knees and my surgeon had booked a day for a surgical intervention on both my knees.

While I was being prayed from I could feel a heat over my body. When I left the H.R. I checked myself and realised the pain in my knees had gone and at that moment I was confident that I had received my healing.

Two weeks later I went for my hospital appointment. My surgeon put me through a series of exercises and was astonished by the lack of pain. He then said that there was no need for Him to operate. Praise God.

Thank you for praying for my back. It is really better now and I am really happy. Thank you God

Ever since I was 9 I have suffered from depression and anxiety disorder. I have been on various medications for around 7 years and have been in hospital after suicide attempts. A few months before attending the healing rooms I was given a devastating diagnosis of borderline personality disorder with depression and anxiety. I was told I would remain in day hospital for at least 3 years. After my second visit I was delivered from the spirit of death and anxiety and ever since I have had no suicidal thoughts or self harmed. Praise God.

After having prayer I received a great peace and the pain disappeared, the pain was constant for 15 years. Praise be to god, I am free, no more pain. Thanks to your obedience to the Holy spirit. I thank god I came to the Healing Rooms

I came last week to have prayer for my back which was giving me great pain. My back was completely healed, thank you Jesus.

I came on Wednesday evening, the welcome was very loving . I had prayer and my lower back and crushed disc was healed and my right leg grew1 ½” and I no longer have any pain. It is so wonderful, no pain, peace at last. God is wonderful, thank you Jesus.

I have been so blessed family relationships have improved, my brother phoned me after 2 years.

My wife asked for prayer for my sister who has had most of her stomach removed because of cancer. She is feeling a lot better than she has for a long time and the prayer cloth hasn’t even reached her yet.

I came for prayer and afterwards I felt elated and very confident about work and depression seems easier to face. Thank you

had an ovarian cyst the size of a lemon and was in considerable pain with several trips to the hospital. I came for prayer in September and felt the healing anointing on me in a very serious way. I was told to press in continually and stand on the word of God. Praise God the medical report in October shows no sign of any growths or tumours.

I received a prayer cloth in September for my mother-in-law who was very ill and was rushed to hospital. She was told by the doctors that her body was shutting down and they asked the family to be present the next morning at 9.00am. My husband insisted his sister take the prayer cloth to the hospital that night.

In the morning the doctors were astounded, my mother-in-law was focused, she sat up in be and only had one shot of painkiller. The family were amazed and my mother-in law says it’s a miracle. The doctors are now talking of her recovery - glory to God.

I came for prayer because my pelvis was out of place and very painful. I was still in pain the following day but after further prayer it immediately improved and was fine the next day. Praise God. My husband who also came for prayer went home greatly encouraged with a deeper assurance of God’s favour in his life and ministry.

I was blessed through the ministry in quite an extraordinary way. As ministry began I felt totally overwhelmed by my circumstances and resistant to the fact that I was trying too hard in my own strength. God spoke through those who ministered to me. Suddenly I was filled with the joy of the Lord. I felt a tremendous love and a weight lifted from me.

A team member prayed for me about six weeks ago. They saw a picture/vision of me getting off a coach in a very hot and sunny place, very picturesque and beautiful. I have just returned from the Provence Region in the South of France. Travelling from Nice airport had been an issue until the last moment when I was informed that I could board a coach, and that’s what happened - it was last minute- the final leg of the journey to my destination. It was just as it had been described by team member.

I went out there as the last choice out of two places. I went specifically to seek the Lord, His direction, at this time as I am at a serious crossroads. I believe the Lord wants me to go into ministry full time. I read in my Bible, Psalm 40 v 6 reads “I have accepted your offer of life long service!” at which point I was in shock. God is good. Thank You.

Three weeks ago I came to the healing rooms. When I went back to my GP I was told that my blood pressure had gone done. Alto the people I work with used to bully me but now all the bullying has stopped and they are very nice to me. Praise God.

I had a pain in my toe for approx. 12 - 15 years also I was suffering from poor circulation in my arm. I had pray in the house of healing and I feel no more pain. All my praise goes to the Lord.


I am 36years old, at the age of nine months I was diagnosed as having polio and as a result I grew to have one leg shorter than the other by 1 ¾ inches. My father dreamt I would be healed. One day at the healing rooms four people prayed for me and I believe and testify that I have been healed/ all glory to God!!

After a visit to healing rooms for prayer. I went for a bone scan and the results came back clear. Also the back pain I had been experiencing is cleared. Thanks to God!!

I came to the healing rooms with a severe pain. Once we had been seen the healing was doing its work, the Lord healed it. It is wonderful the way the Lord works.

Last week during prayer in the healing rooms my eyes were prayed for. I hadn’t been able to see out of my right eye for about twenty years. But after prayer I was able to see a little and every day since I have been able to see more and more.

I had knee pain and also my bone was misshaped after an accident I had 15 years ago. Now I heard about Jesus 6-7 days ago and I heard he is lord. After I came to the house of healing and they prayed for me, my pain is gone. I am not afraid to climb stairs anymore.

Praise the Lord!! I had a tremendous healing in my hands and neck. Before I went I had some serious pains but now I am free from pains. Jesus is the healer. I thank you Lord that you are using Betty and Tom to carry out your work. Praise the Lord!!

On the 23rd of April, I came to a healing room with pain in my body, with a broken heart and I had terrible thoughts. When I went into the healing rooms Jesus Christ came to me and I felt better physically, the pain that I had was in my leg and my feet but after my God touched me the pain was gone. Thank the Lord Jesus Christ.

One Friday afternoon I was taken into hospital with a large abscess on my left breast. I was given a high dose of medication and was told by the doctor that I would need an operation. On Monday I felt strongly that I had to come to the Healing Rooms for prayer. One of the team was told had been told by God that someone in my family had been told that they would have to be operated on. I said “yes, that’s me.” the team prayed against it and three hours later I had a scan and an x-ray at the hospital both tests showed that the abscess had almost gone and only a small amount was left that should disappear on its own. Thank you God and thank you prayer team, Praise God.

The Healing Room team prayed over a cloth for my mother who was suffering terribly from very painful bladder complaint, which has no cure. She also suffered from a fear of going out because of her illness. She has been suffering for over four years, in and out of different hospitals who all discharged her and made her worse. I took her to a private doctors and cried with her when it was to no avail.

In desperation I turned to God for help. From the day I gave her the prayer cloth her life has changed dramatically. She is pain free for the first time in four years. She has now started going out and I was able to take her out and spend the day with her. I have my mother back!! She is slowly regaining her strength and fears are disappearing.

Thank you God for hearing us. Thank you for giving my mum her life back and blessing her with your healing.

I came to the Healing Rooms in January with a lot of fear surrounding a housing issue. The lord told me to attend the Wednesday night prayer Healing session and to ask the body of Christ to stand with me and agree for my home. I did not realise how fearful I was. A member of the team mentioned that they had sensed my fear when they passed me in the shop. Whilst being prayed for another member of the team said the words” Lord we know you are going to bless her with a LOVELY HOME”. From that moment those words rang in my heart and my head. Every time fear came back I would use those words, and calmness would enter my soul.

Since then God has done exactly what he said he would do and blessed me and my children with “A LOVELY HOME”. That is the description which comes from everyone who has visited us.

My children have also been very blessed since visiting the Healing Rooms with words that have come to pass in their lives which have strengthened their faith in our wonderful God.

Since my pregnancy began the doctor was concerned that my baby would be small, as my first child was only five and a half pounds. They therefore, gave me a series of scans to check the growth rate. I was thirty-two weeks when the hospital found that things were not going well. They thought the baby was small, particularly in the abdomen, which was under the borderline limit for that age. They said they would probably induce me at eight months as the baby was not growing well. They gave me two strong steroid injections to mature the baby’s lungs as they may not be strong enough to undergo birth. They also said I would be likely to have a caesarean section as a natural birth might be too stressful for the baby. I had to start going to the hospital every other day to have the baby’s heartbeat monitored.

My mum encouraged me to go for prayer at the London Healing Rooms. They prayed for the baby and that it would come naturally. I immediately felt at peace. I had my next scan at thirty-five weeks to check for growth. They were surprised when the scan showed the baby to be of normal size and the abdomen above borderline. I was told I would not need any more scans or monitoring. The consultant was happy to allow the baby to come naturally and not return to the hospital until forty weeks or whenever the baby decides to come!

I am grateful to God for what he has done and very thankful to the team and the Healing Rooms for their prayers and love.

On the 2nd December 1996 I experienced severe arthritic pain in the joint of the bones in my big toe on my left foot. There was little improvement that weekend and I could only walk with difficulty.

My wife, a member of the London Healing Rooms Team, brought home a prayer cloth for me. I tucked it in my sock and within two hour the swelling and pain had almost disappeared. Thank you Jesus!!

January 2007

I came with spondylosis, one leg shorter, ½ inch shorter then the other, and osteoarthritis, with soreness/stiffness and pain. I was prayed for and now I don’t have any soreness and pain. I know my legs are even now and I can walk comfortably. Thank you Lord

Last year a team from the Healing Rooms in Leyton visited our church in South Woodford. One of the ladies on the team spoke about someone who had a problem with their teeth. I was prayed for as I was suffering from painful, sensitive teeth. The next day I was free from this problem and it has not returned. Praise the Lord

I went to Bart’s Hospital with severe pain in my right shoulder. The doctor I saw thought I might have another tumour there, also I was told there was something wrong with my liver and kidneys. She said I should go for a MRI scan. After the scan I had to wait until she wrote to me. A letter came three weeks later to tell me nothing could be found, that I was clear. All I needed was physiotherapy. All I can do is to thank everyone for their prayers and to praise God. King George hospital said I had tumours too but you prayed for me at the Healing Rooms and I am well.

I’ve had asthma for several years now. Every time I went to visit my grand-parents at Holland-on-Sea I had an asthma attack. This was caused because my aunt and uncles dog would sleep in the guest bedroom when they visited. Also I had started to sneeze in the mornings.

Two weeks ago I asked my dad to get me a prayer cloth. We went to see my grand-parents that weekend and I didn’t wheeze once nor did I get out of breath. Since being home I’ve also stopped sneezing.

Last year the Healing Team came to my church in East London. To be honest I was totally sceptical of their power to heal. However I went forward to be healed of Sciatica. I couldn’t walk for more than about 5 minutes without pain. Shopping was a nightmare with me stopping every few minutes to rest. However after the team prayed for me, I found later that week I could walk without pain. This year I did a 2 mile walk without a problem. I believe God used the team to heal me and know that he can heal through them-even when you’re a sceptic yourself.

I had a smear test in October 2005. My G.P. noticed a polyp and referred me to a gynaecologist. I believed that all would be clear. I came to the Healing Rooms in January 2006 and made mention of this polyp. When I went to see the gynaecologist in February 2006, she said that there was nothing to remove, only a spot as though something was there. Thank God.

I suffered from daily nosebleeds for 2 - 3 years. I got prayer on 22nd February and I haven’t one since. Also I haven’t had a migraine since and I used to have at least 2 a week. Praise God!

I had been experiencing pain in my foot, back, legs and breasts for months. My doctor sent me for a scan and blood test. The scan showed that I had a 4cm cyst on my ovary. I went to the Healing Rooms for prayer and believed that my God had healed me. After a week of waking in faith, I noticed that the symptoms began to go one by one. I returned to my doctors on 16/11/05 and she told me that the cyst was no longer there. Thanks eternally Lord Jesus for Your love and sacrifice.

My parents took me to a training held by the London Healing Rooms. I have been unwell for a number of years with numerous ailments - Epileptic seizures, Chronic Bronchitis, Arthritis and a muscular disease. I have to take just under 60 tablets a day and suffer in the region of 5 fits per week. I went forward for prayer. I felt a sense of quiet fall around me and then a sudden calmness, no pain, total peace and a warmth…

That night I slept better than I had for months, no coughing or choking, no seizures and no waking up in pain. It has now been 2 days. I have had no seizures and although I still have a little cough, it is nothing compared to what is was. I am continuing to believe for my complete healing.

My wife Sylvia went to a Healing Rooms Meeting and brought home a “prayer cloth” for me. I had a heart operation from which I was recovering well, but my emphysema was still making me cough quite a lot during the day. At night I would wake up coughing as well as making gurgling noises, as the phlegm would come from my lungs. While I do believe in my healing by prayer, the laying on of hands and with prayer cloths, I did take it more to please my wife, than my expecting any results. I would keep it in my pocket during the day and under my pillow at night.

After some time, I don’t know how long, days or weeks, but my breathing got better and I was not coughing as much. Also, I was able to sleep better as I didn’t wake up coughing or gurgling. This meant my wife slept better as well.

I still carry the prayer cloth around with me, and I am expecting a total healing to come eventually. God has started and the full recovery will come, but in His time not mine.

Whilst spending time staying with friends, I was asked to go to the Healing Rooms. I suffered from hay fever and a knee condition that needed “Key Hole” surgery. After prayer for both conditions, I knew the Lord had healed me, my sinus became clearer. I’m going to see the surgeon when I get back and believe by faith that my left knee is totally healed. UPDATE: Went two weeks later to see surgeon for “Key Hole” surgery, and examining my leg he couldn’t find anything wrong.

Praise the Lord!!!

I recently visited the Healing Rooms for prayer; I had bad circulation and a blockage of some sort in the cells of my left leg. God healed my circulation, blockage, and took the pain from my left leg. My legs don’t go purple anymore, God has spoken to me and impacted my life each time I have visited the Healing Rooms. He is changing me. Thank you Jesus, I give You the glory.

visited the Healing Rooms for a training weekend. Throughout my time spent there, I was spoken to about how God heals, and about issues that can prevent healing in our lives. One thing stayed with me for the next few days, “The spirit of poverty.” I returned to the Healing Rooms for prayer about this, because money has always been a hindrance in my life, I new what lack was. Two days after receiving prayer, money was being posted through my letter box; two weeks afterward, people were sending money that was owed me from the past. I also had a pay rise at work which is £2000 more each year.

I still spend money but now it seems it’s on elastic and I always have plenty. I give Jesus the glory for what He’s done and thank God for the Healing Rooms.

I visited the Healing Rooms and received prayer regarding my admission to university and a new church for me and my children. It was not long before God answered our prayers. I have a place in university next year and we have found a church that makes us feel welcomed.

I came to the Healing Rooms where 3 people prayed for me and I was healed of a terrible prickling pain/itch of my feet and severe back pain. I was also emotionally healed. The Lord God Almighty has also restored the broken relationship I had with my father. I praise God for His doing.

A prayer cloth was sent to man in Australia who had Asbestosis, for which there is no cure. When he received the cloth he put it on his chest. On his next visit to his doctor, he was told that all traces of Asbestosis has now gone - he is completely healed.

On Friday June 17th we prayed for a 3 day old baby girl who was seriously ill in Intensive Care. We were given a picture of the baby and we prayed over it and also sent a prayer cloth to her. The baby was so ill that the doctors intended to fly her to Newcastle on the Monday. However on Monday we received news that the baby had improved and the doctors decided not to send her to Newcastle.

For several months after a severe cold, I had suffered from catarrh and headaches, which prevented me from living a normal life. On Sunday evening, 24 April 2005, a team of men and women from the Healing Rooms came to Woodford Christian Life Church’s Community Centre, The Bridge, in order to minister to people. Two ladies, both with the name Jackie, kindly spent some time calmly praying for me, regarding my catarrh. At the time, I experienced a sense of freedom, peace and joy. Since then my headaches have stopped and my old energy levels have returned. I give thanks and praise to Jesus and I appreciate the work of the Healing Rooms Ministry.

I was in terrible emotional turmoil on having to go to court. However after prayer at the Healing Rooms, I had the strength to go to court - where the case was overturned in my favour.

Praise the Lord!

2 Children were involved in a serious car accident. Both were in a coma. A prayer cloth was requested . When the cloths were taken to the hospital, the girl of 6 was still in intensive care, and the boy of 4 was still in a coma. As soon as the cloth was placed on the boy he came out of the coma. The children are now at home.

After a great time of blessing at the Healing rooms in Spring 05 I asked for a healing cloth for my brother-in-law, who has prostrate cancer. I sent the cloth by post, he was delighted but said “I don’t know what to believe in, but will keep the cloth with me. Last report after a visit to the hospital was that his blood count is normal. Praise God

A prayer cloth was requested for a man in intensive care on a life support machine. The hospital had given him only 48hrs before switching of the machine. The cloth was taken in to the man. Within 2 weeks he was home.

I received a healing in my body at the Healing Rooms. I had continuous pain down the left side of my chest and lung for years, I am totally healed.

Another lady’s testimony is that after coming here regularly for six years, she feels that she is getting more and more freedom from her past, and is able to move on from this and deepen her relationship with the Lord.

When I came for prayer, my jaw had been painful on and of for a few months, whilst biting down. More recently it had become very painful, to the point where I couldn’t sleep properly and became a slow process. The doctor diagnosed TMJ inflammation and told me to take it easy and not to open my jaw too wide as it was clicking when I did that - there was nothing more that he could do. After I was prayed for, I didn’t notice any difference, but I decided that I had received my healing, and just kept thanking God for it. After a few days I realised that I had forgotten about the pain completely and that there was no pain whatever I did, and no matter how wide I opened my jaw. Since that time (about 4 months) it has been absolutely fine.

On the 26th of July I came for healing, I had a very heavy weight carrying around and could not wear proper shoes because of swelling in my feet. Praise be to God for the healing that I received, I am now feeling like a new person in the Lord. I can recommend any person to Christ because I know what he has done for me. (She can wear shoes now.)

I was suffering from constant pain in my lower back, it had been occurring for some time. It was a blessing to have a friend recommend me to the Healing Rooms. It had been my first time to have experienced a prayer session, it was amazing - the power of the Lord when hands were laid upon me, I felt the power of the Holy Spirit taking the pain away. It has been five weeks since I have been prayed for, the pain ceased completely and I am delighted to be able to carry out my day to day activities without fear of being in agony. Thanks to the Lord Jesus

I came for prayer and was in pain due to gallstones, after the prayer the pain left. A scan revealed that I no longer had gallstones.

After hearing the above testimony of healing, a patient in hospital in intensive care was brought a prayer cloth. Prognosis and life expectation was considered to be 5%. He subsequently left hospital and recovered 3 weeks later.

I am 37 years old and have suffered from depression. I stepped into the Healing Rooms, and was healed. I smile and laugh and give God the glory.

For months I suffered from pain in my upper arms, which was aggravated by certain movements. At the Healing Rooms I had prayer. I found later on, after doing certain jobs, that the healing had taken place, the tension had slipped of my shoulders and the pain had left.

After coming to the Healing Rooms I have received a complete healing of asthma.

The Healing Rooms had a request for a prayer cloth (Acts 19:11-12) the team prayed over it and sent it to the person. As a result their arm was totally healed from arthritis.

Complete healing for knees, able to walk with more freedom than over the past 2 years.